Friday, May 20, 2011

So here is the veggie garden

I made the boxes out of scrap fence material from the tear down and replacement of my fence (seen in the photos below). They are both 4' X 6'.... big enough to hold some serious vegetation and yet narrow enough that the middle can be reached from both sides without having to step into the box.

Under the boxes, I lay down scrap weedblocking fabric. I ran irrigation to it by means of a buried garden hose. in the box between the two raised beds is where it terminates into the timer and the drip irrigation system.

All in all, I was pleased with it. The thing was not that hard to put together. Now I need to kill the lawn around them a bit for a border.

How could I have done this?

I let an entire month go by without a new post?! I will have more later regarding my gardening efforts but for now.. what you see below is the dark brew going into the fermenter in March, from the very recipe that I posted in March. I bottled it a little over a week ago and I've enjoyed a few bottles of it the last few days..

It came out a little below my target ABV but it tastes really good. The color is still a dark root beer. I'll probably be brewing this again real soon.