Thursday, February 24, 2011

Progress thus far...

I am on my third brew. I started the batch of cloned Fat Tire Pale Ale on 2/10. My OG was right on target, 1.050

I put it to the hydrometer test yesterday, 2/23 and the spec gravity is down to 1.020, ABV is 2.8 %

My target is supposed to be 4.8%

This leads me to wonder, will it ever reach that 4.8%? Has it gone to far?

I am opting to leave it alone for another week and then test again.

I am NOT a patient man.

(update... couple hours later)

I are a dummy.. I was sitting here for a moment and I glanced at the insert that came with my hydrometer.. I forgot.. you don't take the literal reading and call it good.. you subtract the current ABV from the original ABV and that is your actual alcohol content.. so I am actually closer to the goal than I thought (another week in the carboy will do 'er just fine)..

The initial reading of 1.050 for the spec gravity points to an initial ABV of 6.5%. The current ABV reading is 2.8% so... 6.5-2.8= 3.7% and that means there are still some sugars for the little yeastie beasties to munch on.

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