Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Experimenting.. a bit

I Last Thursday, I started another baby brew.. I thought I'd experiment with the ingredients a little and ad an adjunct to the wort.. in this case, Dried licorice root.

The recipe as follows....

Mash for 1 hour @ 152 degrees....
5 pounds Maris (UK... was gonna just use 2-row but my supplier/pusher was out)
1 pound Cara Pils
.5 pound Chocolate malt
.5 pound CaraAroma (German.. crystal malt)

Start the boil for 1 hours and...
@60 min. 1 oz Fuggle hops
@30 min. half oz Cascade hops
@15 min. .5 oz Dried licorice root
@5 min. .5 oz Cascade hops and .5 oz Dried licorice root

After chilling and sticking it into the fermenter, I put it to bed with dry ale yeast.

My OG was 1.041 (about 6% sugar)  ....I gotta improve on the efficiency in my system, I need to hit at least 1.050..

It bubbled away happily for a few days and then stopped. I added wheat beer yeast to kick it in again and that got it going for another day or so.

This evening, I moved it to the secondary fermenter.. The gravity now sits at 1.014. So.. I am now sitting at 4% alcohol. ..could be better, will be after a couple weeks in the secondary.

This batch, after bottle conditioning, will prolly be ready to go by Turkey day..

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