Sunday, October 2, 2011

So I was reading a magazine

I was reading BYO and the latest issue has an article that talks about several old school beers from days gone by and recipes to brew clones of those beers. For the most part, those companies do not exist. Their brands are owned by the big brewers.

Their names live on but they are no longer brewed by the same companies or where they originated. The entire thing is really kind of sad. Take this Wikipedia entry for Hamm's Brewery, for instance. Now they're just a fleeting memory, owned by foreign interests. All that history is ..for lack of a better word, History. If you see a can of Hamms now, it has little connection to the original.. aside from perhaps a warm memory and just maybe they got the recipe right.

At my age, I never had a can of any of the original brew, They were long gone by the time I reached 21 but I do remember the commercials.  They were pretty memorable, with the cartoon bear. If I recall correctly, they used to run the commercials pretty heavily towards the end of Summer/Fall... Ahhh...nostalgia. I may try the clone brew recipe BYO published..

The following one requires you to turn up your volume:

...And one featuring a live bear..

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