Thursday, July 21, 2011

brewing related activities....

That brew that I started at the beginning of June? ... It started a second fermentation. I had left it in the carboy for longer than I usually do and off it went!... So then yesterday, I moved it over to the secondary fermenter. I'll bottle it up next week.

Yesterday I also started another batch for the primary. I thought I would stretch myself a bit and try something different.. leave the comfort zone a bit. I am brewing up a clone of this:

It called for way more grain than I usually handle. my brew in the bag system was nearly overwhelmed with it. Once the grains were in the water, there was not very much room at the top of my 35 qt. brewpot.

I accidentally let it boil over too. I was not counting on how fast it would heat up. I had the water at about 160 F before adding the grains but then it started to shoot up. I had turned away from the pot for a moment and then I heard it boiling over... dammit.

So I turned off the heat completely and willed it to cool down quickly. After steeping it for a while, I grabbed a spare ale pail and I emptied the wort into it (my pot has a handy spigot). Then I took the pot with the grains, set it on the floor and the ale pail on the counter.

Then I refilled the pot with the wort, making sure to fill it evenly all over the top of the grains.

I did this a few times and then I left it alone. This may have been too long but I let it mash for about two hours total.

After that, It was just the standard 90 min. boil.. adding the hops and the lactose at the indicated times. (this is a MILK stout)..

The wort is as black as my soul, I cooled it down, tossed it in the fermenter and now its bubbling away. I was able to do a full boil too.. no additional water needed to get it up to 5 gallons.

I ended up with an OG of 1.057 ...not full efficiency but close to my mark (was shooting for the 1.060-65 range)

The funny thing is... I've never actually drank a milk stout before I'll have no idea if it tastes like one should taste. All I know is its supposed to be kind of sweet and... errrr... milky tasting. (the lactose does not ferment)

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